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Who’s the olive oil guy?


Let me tell you a little about myself. I was lucky enough to grow up in the Mediterranean, where my love affair with olive oil began. This liquid gold has captured my heart and taste buds like nothing else. I've become completely obsessed with it!

In fact, I've even become an olive oil sommelier, training my senses to discern the finest flavors and aromas. My passion and knowledge have been recognized, and I had the incredible opportunity to serve as a judge at the esteemed London International Olive Oil Competition. So, if you're seeking someone who truly lives and breathes olive oil, look no further. I'm The Olive Oil Guy, here to share my expertise and help you discover the wonders of this heavenly elixir.

Is this for cooking or drizzling?


This olive oil is a true all-rounder. It's got your back whether you're firing up the stove or adding those fancy finishing touches. It's a versatile oil that was pressed with love for both cooking and drizzling, just like its done in the Mediterranean. Pour this oil into your pans and let it work its magic, infusing your dishes with that rich, flavorful goodness. And when it's time to add that final touch of elegance to your masterpiece, grab that bottle and drizzle it like a boss over your creation.This oil is your trusty sidekick for both cooking up a storm and adding a touch of Mediterranean magic to your dishes.

Why is it packed in tin bottle?


This oil was carefully packed in a tin for a couple of good reasons. Firstly, tin acts as a shield, protecting the oil's quality from light, air, and heat. It ensures that every drop of this liquid gold stays fresh and full of flavor. But that's not all! Tin also happens to be one of the most sustainable packaging materials out there.

Tinis much lighter than glass, so it makes for a more efficient supply chain and lower carbon emissions during transportation. On top of that, metal recycles forever.
So not only does it keep your oil in top-notch condition, but it also gives Mother Earth a big ol' thumbs up. With this tin packaging, you're getting the best of both worlds: oil that stays deliciously pristine and packaging that's eco-friendly. It's a win-win situation!

What country has the best olive oil?


Ah, the age-old question: which country boasts the best olive oil? Well, the truth is that every country has something special to offer. You see, there are over 1600 varieties of olives worldwide, each with its own distinct flavor profile. So, whether it's Italy, Greece, Spain, or beyond, each country brings something special to the table. Italy may flaunt its fruity oils, Greece may entice with its herbaceous flavors, while Spain may wow you with its piquant taste. The point is, the world of olive oil is a vast and delightful one, with each country offering its own flavorful treasures. So, explore, savor, and let your taste buds be the judge!

Will The olive oil guy be sourcing other olive oils?


You bet your dipping bread I will! As lovers of all things olive oil, The Olive Oil Guy is on the lookout for new and exciting varieties to share with you. The plan is to source other craft olive oils that showcase unique flavors and aromas, so you can taste the difference too. After all, who says you can't have too much of a good thing? Stay tuned, because soon, you'll be able to expand your taste buds and explore the delicious world of craft olive oils. Keep an eye out, my friend, because there are more liquid gold treasures to come!