April 5, 2024

What is cold pressed?

Cold pressed, stone pressed, filtered, unfiltered, artisanal, small batch, light, high phenolic, there's a million ways brands classify their olive oil. 

But what really is Cold Pressed?

Saying Cold Pressed Extra Virgin olive oil is a marketing stunt brands use to make you think their olive oil is special. If the olive oil is extra virgin, it is always cold pressed.

Heat destroys the quality of oil, so it is impossible to make an extra virgin olive oil that is "Hot Pressed". 

Cold pressing is the technique of juicing the olives at a temperature of 27 degrees celsius or lower. Not as cold as you thought, aye?

Hot pressing techniques are used for lampante oil, or pomace oil, which are low grade oils that are tasteless and that should not be used for drizzling.