July 29, 2022

How to pick the right olive oil

We know...picking the right olive oil can be an extremely confusing process. 

There's so many options to choose from, and often times the olive oil you find in supermarket just doesn't taste.....right.

So selecting the right one that will give you good quality at the right price can be really difficult.

Rest assured, we've created a simple guide so you can always pick the best one.

  • Packaging:

Heat, light, and oxygen are the three enemies of olive oil. These will severely deteriorate the quality of your oil, making it taste expired. 

As such, its best your oil is packaged in a can, as that protects it most from light exposure. 

The most common packaging is glass, so if you choose to buy a glass bottle, make sure the glass is tinted or the bottle is stored in a box at all times.

Although plastic protects oil from light, it is not ideal, because the oil will absorb some of the plastic rendering it cancerous for consumption.

  • Harvest date

Always look for the harvest date of an olive oil. If the producers can't tell you when it was harvested, then the oil was most likely mixed with old oils and unidentifiably quality. 

  • Olive varieties

Like wine, olive oil can be pressed from hundreds of types of olives. If you know the varieties that were pressed to make your oil, you're one step closer to knowing its authenticity.