September 16, 2023

Unfiltered vs Filtered Olive Oil

Some brands market their oils as unfiltered. But what does that mean?

Unfiltered oil often have a stronger flavor thanks to the solids found in it, but the harsh reality is that unfiltered oil expires very fast.

The solids that are in an unfiltered oil contain sugars that expire very fast when oxidized. Once your unfiltered oil goes bad, it will have a terrible taste that you do not want to try. 

Although the solids in unfiltered oils can give stronger flavors, the difference is small.

So my best recommendation is to buy filtered oils only, as it will mean better flavor for longer. Besides, unfiltered oil means you will find nasty sediments in your oil. Ew.

Filtered is ALWAYS better than unfiltered when buying an oil from store shelves, as unfiltered expires fast and can sometimes taste rancid.